Current ASFB Executive 2014/2015

President: Gary Jackson

Vice President: Christopher Fulton

Secretary: Charles Todd

Treasurer: Joel Williams

Past President: Bronwyn Gillanders

Workshop and Conference Convenor: Brendan Ebner

Newsletter Editor: Michelle Treloar

State Representatives: What is expected of a state representative. Go here to see the guidelines (PDF).

Craig Boys and James Smith (NSW), Mike Hammer and David Crook (NT), Mike Steer and Zoe Doubleday (SA), Leanne Currey and James Donaldson (QLD), Sean Tracey and Heidi Pethybridge (TAS), Katherine Cheshire and Ben Broadhurst (ACT), James Tweedley and Emily Fisher (WA), Nick Ling (NZ), Wayne Koster and Paul Hamer (VIC), Jordan Matley and Robert Parker (Students).


Gary Jackson  
Western Australian Fisheries and Marine Research Laboratories
Department of Fisheries
PO Box 20
North Beach WA 6920
Phone: 08 92030191 or 0419046435
Fax: 08 92030199                                             
Gary Jackson is a Principal Research Scientist with the Department of Fisheries, Western Australia. He received his BSc in 'Fishery Science' from Plymouth Polytechnic (UK), MSc from the University of Adelaide and PhD from Murdoch University. After migrating to Australia in 1989, he first worked for the South Australian Department of Fisheries studying native freshwater species of the Lower Murray River. After a period of post-grad study, he then worked for the South Australian Research and Development Institute at West Beach working on the developing sardine fishery. He moved to Western Australia in 1997 to lead a research project on snapper and the recreational fishery in the World Heritage region of Shark Bay. Since then he has worked on a range of projects focussed on the biology and dynamics of exploited finfish stocks, stock assessment and fishery management. He now leads the Southern Fisheries Finfish team that is responsible for monitoring and assessment of finfish fisheries from Shark Bay to the South Australian border. He has been a member of ASFB since 1992, has served as a state rep in both SA and WA and has been on the Exec as the national conference/workshop coordinator since 2005.   

Vice President

Christopher Fulton    
The Australian National University  
Research School of Biology  
College of Medicine, Biology and Environment  
Building 116 Daley Rd,  
Canberra ACT 0200  
Phone: +61 2 6125 9892  

Chris Fulton is a Senior Lecturer in the Research School of Biology at the ANU. Chris completed his BSc(Hons) and PhD in reef fish ecology at James Cook University, followed by a post-doctoral project on fish-habitat dynamics at JCU, before taking up his current lectureship at the ANU. Along the way Chris has worked in fisheries (CSIRO Cleveland), as a science reporter (The Australian), and a research assistant on various aquatic ecology projects. Chris' current research on species-environment interactions involves both marine and freshwater taxa in tropical and temperature latitudes (see website for full details). He has been involved with the ASFB since 2001, and has served various roles on the ASFB Executive (Editor, Territory Rep) and Sub-committees (Future of Society, Education) over the past 7 years.   


Charles Todd

Department of Sustainability and Environment

Phone: 03 9450 8600


Charles' interest lies in quantifying risk and uncertainty in fisheries management actions. Charles has developed population risk models for a number of Murray-Darling basin fishes.


Joel Williams
Murdoch University
Centre for Fish and Fisheries Research
 90 South St, Murdoch, WA 6150
Phone: 0417 077 716
Joel Williams is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Murdoch University Western Australia. Joel completed his BcS (Honours) at Deakin University, Warrnambool in 2004. After completing an Honours project investigating the changes in community assemblages inside and outside and newly established marine sanctuary he went into marine consulting monitoring the Marine National Parks and Sanctuaries of Victoria. Joel recently completed his PhD investigating the link between environmental flows and the spawning and larval ecology of black bream in the Gippsland Lakes Victoria. This led to his employment at Murdoch University where he is currently researching the plasticity in black bream biology across Western Australian estuaries. Joel has also had extensive experience monitoring seagrass and rocky reef communities, acoustic tracking of fish and otolith microchemistry. He has been an active member of ASFB since 2004, regularly attending the annual conference. He was awarded the ASFB Student International Travel Award in 2012 to attend the Indo Pacific Fish Conference in Japan.

Workshop and Conference Convenor

Dr Brendan Ebner  
CSIRO Ecosystems Sciences and TropWATER  
James Cook University  

PO Box 780

Atherton QLD 4883  
Phone: 61 07 4091 8805  

Brendan has recently been appointed ASFB Conference & Workshop Convenor, having been a member of the society since 1995, and a regular participant at the annual conferences. Brendan mostly researches Australian threatened freshwater fishes and claims to be a good listener. He is especially interested in seeing a mix of youth and the experienced intermingling at the annual get together, and is keen to hear from members that want to be part of making the annual conference an enjoyable, informative and vibrant experience.

Past President

Prof. Bronwyn Gillanders

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences  
University of Adelaide  
South Australia 5005  
Phone: 08 8313 6235  
Fax: 08 8313 4364



Bronwyn Gillanders is a Professor in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Adelaide.  She completed her BSc at the University of Canterbury, MSc at the University of Otago and her PhD at the University of Sydney.  After completing her PhD, she worked at NSW Fisheries on yellowtail kingfish age, growth and reproductive biology.  She then returned to the University of Sydney on an Australian Research Council (ARC) Postdoctoral Fellowship where her research was focused on population replenishment and connectivity of fish between estuarine and coastal areas.  She moved to the University of Adelaide in 2001 (as an ARC QEII Fellow) and commenced a tenurable academic position in 2007.  She returns to a research position in 2011 as an ARC Future Fellow.  Her research spans freshwater, estuarine and marine waters focusing on fish and fisheries ecology. 

Newsletter Editor

Michelle Treloar  
Hobart, Tasmania
Phone: 0418 557 525


Michelle Treloar’s passion in marine sciences began in 1994 when she undertook the Diploma of Marine Studies at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic in New Zealand. This soon led to a career as a Scuba Diver Instructor and manager of a dive shop. After finding out she wanted to take her studies further she moved to Australia and ventured on with a BSc (Hons) and finally graduated from Deakin University in 2009 with her PhD on the ‘Aspects of the Life History of Skates from Southeast Australia’.
Michelle’s research focuses are on chondrichthyans, conservation, fisheries management and education. 


State Representatives


Katherine Cheshire  
  Ben Broadhurst

 New South Wales

   Craig Boys
    James Smith

 New Zealand



Nick Ling

Jeremy McKenzie

 Northern Territory


Michael Hammer

    Alison King



Leanne Currey

    James Donaldson

 South Australia


Mike Steer

Zoe Doubleday


Sean Tracey

  Heidi Pethybridge



  Wayne Koster


  Paul Hamer

Western Australia

  Emily Fisher


James Tweedley

Student Representatives

   Jordan Matley

Robert Parker (TAS)

Past ASFB Executive








List of Past Presidents