Australian Society For Fish Biology

John Glover Travel Fund Bursaries

Awards made under this fund are to assist as many full time Australian and New Zealand students to attend the annual meeting of the Society as possible. The awards are named in honour of the late John Glover, who undertook pioneering work on the diversity of Central Australian fishes when John was Curator of Ichthyology at the South Australia Museum. John conducted many expeditions and studies of Central Australian fishes (particularly around Dalhousie Springs) from 1967 until his death in 1992.

The travel fund is currently sponsored by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC).




Value of bursaries

  • Travel bursaries consist of a minimum of $100 up to 50% of travel costs to and from the annual conference (excluding accommodation or living expenses) to a maximum of $600.

Closing date for applications

  • The deadline for applications is at the deadline for abstract submission for the annual conference.


  • Applications are restricted to full time students in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Must be ASFB student member at the time of the conference.
  • Funds will be awarded for interstate and international travel, or for intrastate travel of over 500 km, and preference will be given to students travelling the greatest distance.

Process for application

  • Download the application form.
  • Applicants must have a letter of support from their supervisor outlining their need for support and their general calibre. (See application form)
  • Successful applicants are encouraged to give a poster or presentation at the annual conference. 
  • Claims for reimbursement need to be made within 6 months of conference end.
  • Submit your application to contact person

Past Award Recipients

  • 2018: Cindy Palermo (Murdoch) Karissa Lear (Murdoch) Jenna Hounslow (Murdoch) Rachel Spinks (James Cook) Molly Scott (James Cook) Eva McClure (James Cook) Mariah Millington (Griffith) Curtis Champion (Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies) Joni Pini-Fitsimmons ( Macquarie) Hayden Schilling (University of NSW) Brendan Lanham (University of NSW) Nicholas Hill (Institute fro Marine and Antarctic Studies) David Ellis (ANU) Kim Hunnan, Hugh Allan (University of Canberra) Alex Chen (ANU) Josh van Lier (ANU) Oliver Jewell (Murcdoch)
  • 2017: Danielle Davenport (University of Queensland), Mischa Turschwell (Griffith University), Md. Rakeb-Ul Islam (Griffith University), Tyson Martin (Griffith University), Bryan Baker (Charles Darwin University), Joni Pini-Fitzimmons (Macquarie University), Hayden Schilling (University of New South Wales), Joshua Barrow (Melbourne University), Henry Wootton (Melbourne University), Daniel Yeoh (Murdoch University), Samantha Andrzejaczek (University of Western Australia), Alissa Tate (Edith Cowan University), Karissa Lear (Murdoch University), Anna Cresswell  (University of Western Australia), Marianne Nyegaard (Murdoch University).
  • 2016: Alan Couch, Jonas Bylemans, Patrick Ross-Magee, Sally Hatton, Mae Noble, Lucy Wenger, Joshua Van Lier (ACT), Sharon Every (NT), Sasha Whitmarsh, Kayla Gilmore (SA), Mischa Turschwell, Jordan Matley, Stacy Bierwagen, Ana Barbosa Martins, Diana Pazmino Jaramillo, Tiffany Nay, Emmanuelle Zoccola (QLD), Connor Gervais, Catarina Castro Pauperio Vila Pouca, Sherrie Chambers, Christopher Lawson, Hayden Schilling, Natasha Hardy (NSW), Adam Canning (NZ), Anthony Ashe, Edy Setyawan, Curtis Champion, Kay Weltz (TAS), João Teixeira (VIC), Hannah Ashe, Nathan Beerken, Karissa Lear (WA)
  • 2015: Mae Noble, Joshua van Lier (ACT), Michael Bertram, Matthew Le Feuvre (Vic), Nick Yabsley, Tyson Martin, Sarah Buckley, Samuel Williams, Claudia Trave, Giverny Rodgers, Mario Espinoza, Alexia Dubuc, Jordan Matley, Elodie Ledee (Qld), Tullio Rossi (SA), Katherine Cure, Garry Ogston, Daniel Yeoh (WA), Fernando Cagua (NZ)
  • 2014: Aurelien Vivancos (NZ), James Keating (Ireland), Daniel Yeoh (WA), Mae Noble (ACT), Prue McGuffie (ACT), Steph Brodie (NSW), Krystle Keller (NSW), Teagan Marzullo (NSW), James Shelley (Vic), Krystina Mossop (Vic), Sherrie Chambers (Vic), Matt Le Feuvre (Vic), Samuel Williams (QLD), Leanne Currey (QLD), Merritt Adkins (QLD), Elodie Ledee (QLD), Jordan Matley (QLD), Geoff Collins (QLD)
  • 2012: Carlos Bustamante Diaz (Vic), John Ford (Qld), Adrian Hordyk (WA), Nils Krück  (Qld), Michael Smith (SA), Danswell Starrs  (ACT), David Sternberg (Qld), Elena Sulin (WA), Athol Whitten (Vic).
  • 2009: Abbas Akbaripassand (NZ), Darren Coker (Qld), Andrew Cole (Qld), Leanne Faulks (NSW), Jonathan Gilson (NSW), Alistair Harry (Qld), Christopher Izzo (SA), Jacob Johansen (Qld), Michael Kinney (Qld), Danielle Knip (Qld), Rebecca Lawton (Qld), Alexander Pursche (NSW), Bastien Rochowski (Vic), Ruben-Lee Roennfeldt (Vic), Katie Ryan (ACT), Danswell Starrs (ACT), Alex Vali (Qld), Ana Villacorta Rath (Qld), Athol Whitten (Vic), Joel Williams (Vic), Barbara Weuringer (Qld), Mitchell Zischke (Qld).
  • 2006: Kathryn Hassel (Vic), Matthew Gordon, Nicole McCasker, Paul Thuesen, Jonathan Wenry, Vanessa Thompson (Vic), Cathy Nock, Stephen Lindfield (NSW), Travis Howson, Renae Ayres, Joanna Kearns
  • 2005: Ashley Frisch, Heidi Pethybridge (Tas), Katherine Chesire, Rick Stuart-Smith, Ron Baker, Sara Busilacchi, Tim Karlov, Tobias Bickel.
  • 2003: Michelle Treloar (Vic)
  • 2002: Bronwyn Stevens (Vic), Patrick Gilmour (Vic), Paul Hamer (Vic), Sylvain Huchette (Vic), Janette Psaroudis (Vic), Megan Storrie (Vic), Bridget Green (Qld), Stefan Walker (Qld), Michael Hammer (SA), Michael Tokley (SA), Jane Jelbert (NSW), James Knight (NSW), Anthony Moore (NSW), Piyapong Chotipuntu (ACT).
  • 2001: Michael Hammer (SA), Bruno David (NZ)
  • 2000: Sarah Irvine (Vic), Karina Hall (Karina didn't accept as she also won the Gilbert Whitley award), Stephen Balcombe, Melissa Wheatley (Vic), Michael Hammer, Tariq Khan, Bruno David (NZ), Koh Chin Seah, Brendon Ebner (Vic), Andy Moore, Debashish Mazumder, Pricilla Martinez
  • 1999: Janet Pritchard, Lianos Triantafillos, Sarah Russell, Kim Smith, Kylie Peterson, Don Bromhead, Tim Dempster, Karina Hall, Kylie Pitt
  • 1998: Pat Driver, Kim Smith (NSW), Jennifer McIllwain, Justin Chidlow, Jeremy Hindell, Alison King, Troy Gaston, Suzanne Round, David Crook, Brendan Ebner, Giri Kattel