Australian Society For Fish Biology



14 - 17 October 2019 | National Library of Australia 

Our goal for ASFB 2019 is to showcase and celebrate the many ways we can illuminate the wonderful world of fishes in the hearts and minds of people spanning a range of cultures, backgrounds and perspectives. Our conference program has workshops, special events and sessions that will explore how effective communication via the visual arts, digital media, and the spoken and written word can bring new understanding and inspiration to the millions of people who value and depend on fishes for their wellbeing. 

Please join us for a stimulating week in Canberra (14-17th October 2019). 


Other National and International Aquatic Events

World Fisheries Congress 2020


The World Fisheries Congress 2020 (WFC2020) will be held in Adelaide, Australia from 11-15 October 2020. 

The WFC2020 aims to have a diverse, exciting and broad reaching Congress to showcase the world’s commercial, recreational and indigenous fisheries.

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