Past ASFB Conferences

2014 ASFB & ASL Joint Congress in Darwin, Northern Territory: 30th June 4th July 2014

2013 Joint ASFB, NZFSS and NZMSS Conference in Hamilton, Waikato University, N.Z - August 19 - 23 2013

2012 Joint ASFB/OCS Conference - 15-18 July 2012 Sebel Playford Hotel, Adelaide, South Australia,
‘Addressing the challenges of understanding the movement patterns of aquatic animals and their significance’

2011 ASFB Conference Townsville, Qld

2010 Conference and Climate Change Symposium at the Melbourne Museum, Melbourne, VIC: 12-14 July 2010

2009 8th Indo Pacific Fish Conference and 2009 ASFB Workshop and Conference at the Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle, WA: 31 May-5 June 2009

2008 ASFB Workshop and Conference at Swiss Grand resort and Spa, Bondi Beach, Sydney: 15-18 September 2008

2007 ASFB Workshop and Conference at Australian National University, Canberra: 11-15 September 2007

2004 ASFB Conference and Fisheries Ecosystem Symposium at Adelaide, SA: 19-24 September 2004

2003 ASFB Conference at Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand: July