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Larvae of Temperate Australian Fishes - Laboratory Guide for Larval Fish Identification

Francisco J. Neira, Anthony G. Miskiewicz and Thomas Trnski


Over 700 species of marine fishes, belonging to some 117 families, occur in freshwater and coastal marine waters of temperate Australia. While there has been a great deal of work published on the adults of many of these species, knowledge of their larval stages is very limited. Since larval fishes are morphologically different from adults, their accurate identification is essential in any biological study of fishes.

In Larvae of Temperate Australian Fishes the larval stages of 124 fish species from 57 families which occur in fresh water, estuarine and inshore marine waters of temperate Australia are described. Each family chapter includes a summary of the taxonomy and life history information for the family, a list of the main characters used to identify larvae to family level, a table of the meristic characters of the genera found in temperate Australian waters, and a list of families whose larvae may be confused with those of the family being described, and the characters which will distinguish them. For each species there is information on adult distribution, importance to fisheries, spawning, diagnostic characters of larvae,and larval morphology and pigmentation.

With over 570 scientific illustrations of larval fishes throughout, and a concise and accurate text, this is an essential reference for anyone conducting taxonomic, ecological and fisheries research.

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267 x 210 mm 435pp

ISBN 1-575560-72 6

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