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Checkout Dr David Morgans Documentary on the Pilbara Freshwater Fishes

Pilbara Freshwater Fishes is a documentary that has been produced by ENVfusion films in partnership with Murdoch University and Rangelands and WA State NRMs to video document the freshwater fishes of Pilbara (Indian Ocean Drainage Division) Western Australia. Join Dr David Morgan as he takes you on a journey of the unique waterways of this ancient landscape and discover some of the rarest endemic species of freshwater fishes in the world. Highlights include some of the spectacular waterways of the world class Karijini National Park, the eyeless blind cave fishes of the Cape Range National Park and the Indian Short-finned Eel. Click on picture or view here

ASFB December 2014 Newsletter

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Come and Meet This Years 2014/2015 Executive Committee


Thank you to all of last years committee members and welcome to the ones who have joined us.

ASFB President: Gary Jackson


 Australian Society for Fish Biology Photography Competition 2014

Grand Prize, People’s Choice and Category Winners

 Grand Prize:

Title:  Jelly Lantern

Photographer:  Shane Griffiths


People’s Choice Award (Tie):

Title:  The Underwater Lair of a Murray Spiny Cray (Euastacus armatus)

Photographer:  David Mossop

Title:  Up-close and Personal

Photographer:  David Morgan

Overall Winners of the 2014 ASFB Photography Competition

First Place
2nd Place
3rd Place

1. Freshwater Fish/ Invertebrates in Their Environment

Title:  The Underwater Lair of a Murray Spiny Cray (Euastacus armatus)
Photographer:  David Mossop

Title:  Coal Grunter Moves through Space
Photographer:  Brendan Ebner

Title:  Vibrant Flow Master
Photographer:  James Donaldson

Category 2 -  Marine Fish/ Invertebrates in Their Environment

Title:  Jelly Lantern
Photographer:  Shane Griffiths

Title:  Southern Bluespotted Flathead
Photographer:  Peter Coulson

Title:  From The Depths
Photographer:  Andrew Smith

Category 3 -  Landscapes/Riverscapes/Seascapes

Title:  Smythe Creek
Photographer:  Kris Pitman

Title:  Captivated Perch
Photographer:  Chris Fulton

Title: Neptune's Window
Photographer:  Shane Griffiths

Category 4 -  People & Fish

Title: Up-close and Personal
Photographer: David Morgan

Title:  Tuna Tales from Taiwan
Photographer:  Shane Griffiths

Title:  The Future
Photographer:  Andrew Smith

Category 5 -  Macro Photography

Title: Reflection
Photographer: Kirk Dahle

Title:  The Jewel of the Kimberley - Leioptherapon macrolepis
Photographer:  James Shelley

Title:  The Looking Glassfish
Photographer:  Matthew Le Feuvre

Category 6 -  Digitally-Enhanced Art House

Title:  Blood Red
Photographer:  Luke Barrett

Title:  Archer Fish
Photographer:  Geoffrey Collins

Title:  A Bucket full of Cotter River
Photographer:  Alan Couch



Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 round of ASFB awards!

These were officially announced at the annual conference in Darwin last week.

This year the Student International Travel award is named in Jon Murphy's memory
2014 'Jonathan Murphy' Student International Travel:
Winner - Rohan Brooker (James Cook University)
Runner up - Bridie Allan (James Cook University)

2014 ECR International Travel :
Winner - Chris Izzo (University of Adelaide)
Runner up - Brendan Ebner (CSIRO & TropWATER, James Cook University)

2014 ECR Excellence Award:
John Morrongiello (CSIRO)

Barry Jonassen:
Mae Noble (ANU) Population biology & ecology of the threatened Murray crayfish in upland streams.

Michael Hall Student Innovation Award:
Isis Lim (ANU) How does a seaweed-associated reef fish respond to seasonal habitat loss?

Gilbert P. Whitley (oral presentation):
Junior - Samuel Williams (UQ) Genetic population structure of black marlin (Istiompax indica ) within the central Indo-Pacific.
Senior - Krystine Mossop (Monash U) Connectivity, phylogeography and behaviour of a desert-dwelling fish: does habitat matter?

John Lake (poster presentation)
Junior - Mae Noble (ANU) Can Murray crayfish be a key surrogate species for freshwater management?
Senior - Leanne Currey (JCU) Environmental drivers of depth use by an exploited reef fish.

Victorian Marine Science Consortium Award (temperate marine ecology):
Stephanie Brodie (UNSW) The oceanographic habitats of two migratory pelagic fish: dolphinfish (mahi mahi) and yellowtail kingfish.

John Glover Travel Award:
Aurelien Vivancos (NZ), James Keating (Ireland), Daniel Yeoh (WA), Mae Noble (ACT), Prue McGuffie (ACT), Steph Brodie (NSW), Krystle Keller (NSW), Teagan Marzullo (NSW), James Shelley (Vic), Krystina Mossop (Vic), Sherrie Chambers (Vic), Matt Le Feuvre (Vic), Samuel Williams (QLD), Leanne Currey (QLD), Merritt Adkins (QLD), Elodie Ledee (QLD), Jordan Matley (QLD), Geoff Collins (QLD)

Criteria for Nominating Individuals to the ASFB Hall of Fame

If you have someone in mind that has made a major contribution to research on fish/fisheries in Australasia or fits any of the other selection criteria FIND OUT MORE HERE.





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