Any member or non-member can contact the convenors of the various ASFB Committees on any issue. Details about the function and membership of the Committees can be obtained from the convenors. The Committee usually meets once a year during the Annual Conference.

 Alien Fishes Committee

Convenor: Braeden Lampard
Murray Darling Freshwater Research Centre

Deputy: David Morgan

Education Committee

Convenor: Dr Chris Fulton
The Australian National University

Threatened Fishes Committee

The conservation status of Australian fishes was classified by the Conference on Australian Threatened Fishes held by the Australian Society for Fish Biology in Melbourne in August 1985. A total of 59 species were listed in seven categories (Harris 1987).

One of the recommendations of the 1985 conference was that the changeable nature of the conservation status of fishes should be recognised, and that the status of the Australian fauna should be reviewed regularly (see conservation status 1999 and 2001). As a result, the Threatened Fishes Committee have revised the listing annually since 1988. In 1991, the Committee agreed to the establishment of a more formal Committee and the adoption of a nomination form for listing or de-listing fishes on the Conservation Status list. The conservation status listings are ratified by the society and are published in the newsletter as yearly supplements. 

Convenor: Mark Lintermans
University of Canberra

Sub-Committee - Fish Passage

Convenor: Tim Marsden (DAFF, Qld)

Deputy Convenor: Tim O'Brien (DSE, Victoria)


Objective - The ASFB Fish Passage Sub-Committee will, through the interaction of scientists engineers and managers, increase the understanding of the movement of fish and improve the techniques used to facilitate the free passage of these fish to maximise productivity and biodiversity in Australian waterways. If interested and for more information please contact one of the people above.